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Manufacturer responsibility

Appropriate use

NiLAB's products are tested before delivery to ensure operating safety and reliability. The products may only be used in the manner that is defined as appropriate. If they are used in an inappropriate manner, it can lead to situations that may bring property damage or injury to personnel.
Note: NiLAB GmbH, as manufacturer, is not liable for any damages resulting from inappropriate use. In such cases, the guarantee and the right to payment of damages resulting from inappropriate use are
forfeited. The user alone carries all responsibility of the risks.
Before using NiLAB's products, make sure that all the pre-requisites for appropriate use of the products are satisfied:

  • Personnel that in any way, shape or form, uses our products must first read and understand the relevant safety instructions and be familiar with appropriate use.
  • If the product takes the form of hardware, then they must remain in their original state, in other words, no structural changes are permitted.
  • Do not mount or use damaged or faulty products.
  • Make sure that the products have been installed in the manner described in the relevant documentation.

Areas of use and application

NiLAB's motors are designed to be used as linear servo drive motors.
Unit types with differing drive power and different interfaces are available for an application-specific use of the motors. Control and monitoring of the motors may require additional sensors and components.
Note: The motors may only be used with the accessories and parts specified in this document. If a component has not been specifically named, then it may not be either mounted or connected. The
same applies to cables. Operation is only permitted in the specified configurations and combinations of components using the software and firmware as specified in the relevant function descriptions.
Every drive controller has to be programmed before starting it up, making it possible for the motor to execute the specific functions of an application.
The motors may only be operated under the assembly, installation and ambient conditions as described here (temperature, protection categories, humidity, EMC requirements, etc.).

Inappropriate use

Using the motors outside of the areas of application or under operating conditions other than described in the document and the technical data specified is defined as “inappropriate use“.
NiLAB's motors may not be used if:

  • they are subject to operating conditions that do not meet the above specified ambient conditions
  • This includes, for example, operation under water, in the case of extreme temperature fluctuations or extremely high maximum temperatures or if NiLAB has not specifically released them for that intended purpose. Please observe the specifications outlined in the general safety instructions!
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