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The MBD digital amplifier brushless synchronous servomotors and can be supplied from 3-phase at 230/400 VAC, 50/60 Hz. In its standard version it is equipped with CANopen field bus, incremental encoder, digital inputs and outputs, two slots for optional expansion cards are available.

1.1 Manual

The digital amplifiers are devices powered by dangerous high voltages designed to control electric motors installed in equipment with axes in
motion. This manual contains instructions for installing and handling them safely. Read this manual carefully before taking any action concerning the device.

danger_e_symbol.jpgRISK OF ELECTRICAL TYPE INJURY. Indicates a hazardous situation that, if
not avoided, can result in death or in serious and permanent injuries. Do not
work on the device if the voltage is connected. Wait at least 5 minutes, after
disconnecting the servo amplifier from the mains power supply, before
touching the device.
caution_symbol.jpgGENERAL HAZARD. Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, can
result in death or serious and permanent injuries
caution_hot.jpgRISK OF BURNS. Due to the hot surfaces of the metal case.

1.2 Warnings

danger_e_symbol.jpgDo not open or touch the equipment while it is running or if the power supply
is connected. On the equipment may be present:
caution_hot.jpgvoltage even though the motor is not rotating
temperature above 75°C
caution_symbol.jpgWarning: Read this documentation before installing and commissioning the
MBD digital amplifiers.
An incorrect use or handling of the digital amplifier may cause damage or
injury. Follow the instructions of connection, commissioning and maintenance.
Permit to carry out these activities only qualified technicians who have the
appropriate qualifications for conducting such activities
caution_symbol.jpgThe company uses the product must produce a risk assessment and takes
appropriate measures to ensure that unforeseen movements do not result in
material damage or personal injury.
The servo amplifiers contain electrostatically sensitive components which may
be damaged by these phenomena. It's important to follow all the precautions
in order to not produce discharge when handling the product. Observe the
following guidelines:

discharge its electrostatic charge before handling the servo amplifier;
• avoid contact with highly insulating materials as plastic materials or synthetic
• place the servo amplifier on a conductive surface