RS232 interface, PC connection (C2)

The setting of all parameters can be made by the commissioning software running on a personal computer (PC).
The device is electrically isolated, however, is required to connect and disconnect the PC interface (C2) only with the servo amplifier supply
voltages switched off via a null modem cable (see figure)



Serial cable connection


Connection using TKSED Software

To interact with a drive first of all it's necessary to:

1. connect physically the drive to the PC
correctly configure the connection
3. start the connection ​​​​​​

Connection configuration is accessible through the label “Settings” in the “Communication” menù (menù bar).


Configuration procedure:

1. press the button “Scan Ports” to update the available port list
2. using the “Serial Port” menù select the correct COM port, corresponding to the port physically used to connect the drive to the PC
3. make sure that “Baud Rate” is set to “38400”
4. make sure that “Parity” is set to “Even”
5. press OK

At this point the program will automatically try to start a connection with the selected configuration. On success you will see the label “Online” in the status bar.

NOTE A fundamental parameter for a successfull connection is the “Node ID”, an identification number associated uniquely to every drive of the net. With a correct connection configuration but a wrong Node ID the connection will fail. Read the next paragraph to learn how to check and select a correct Node ID.