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Rules for the use of the product


In order to not damage or avoid a product failure is required to follow the following rules:
• The transport must be made by qualified personnel and in original packaging.
• Avoid shocks or excessive pressure on the packaging
During transport the temperature must be between -20 ° C and +75 °
C, max.rate of change 20 ° C / h
• Relative humidity max. 95%, noncondensing
• Avoid electrostatic discharge. Discharge its electrostatic charge before handling the servo amplifier; avoid contact with highly insulating materials as plastic materials or synthetic fabrics; place the servo amplifier on a conductive surface.
• In case of visible damage to the packaging, check the unit for visible damage and notify the shipper and the manufacturer.


• Only the original manufacturer's packaging
• Storage temperature -20 ° C +75 ° C
• Storage relative humidity max. 95%, noncondensing

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