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Connector pinout

Connector is M17 - 17 pins


PIN Signal name Description
1VDDEncoder VDD (+5V)
2GNDEncoder ground
3HALL_WPHall emulation output W+
4HALL_WMHall emulation output W-
5HALL_VPHall emulation output V+
6HALL_VMHall emulation output V-
7HALL_UPHall emulation output U+
8HALL_UMHall emulation output U-
9COS+Positive Cosine
10COS-Negative Cosine
11SIN+Positive Sine
12SIN-Neghative Sine
13Data+Hiperface Data bus
14Data-Hiperface Data bus
15MODBUS_AModbus communication A
16MODBUS_BModbus communication B
17NCNot connected

*Sin/Cos Period is 32 or 35 mm depending of the linear motor used.