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Motion controller

Position table

The motion controller window is used to specify the motion sequences. It is based on 10 row tables. Every row configures the motion task with these parameters:

  1. Motion type: trapezoidal, triangular, polinomial, sinusoidal or force
  2. Target position
  3. Acceleration, deceleration and constant speed time depending on the motion profile used
  4. Waiting time
  5. Trigger mode: automatic, rising edge, falling edge, high and low level of trigger input (Digital input 1)




Motion mode configuration

Digital Input 1 is used to select the table index when the motor is disabled (DIgital Input 0 low). Inside the table the sequence is a closed loop between the first and the last row of the table. In the example below, we have two table mode. The first table is executed from 0 to 4 row in a closed loop and the second table is execeuted from 5 to 9 row. In order to switch between the two table, the input 0 must be low and the input 1 must detect a rising edge.


We have 4 combinations possible:
a. Default with 1 Map and 10 positions/map
b. 2 Maps with 5 positions/map
c. 3 Maps with 3 positions/map


d. 5 Maps with 2 positions/map


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