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Position table

The position table for profile position mode is managed in the same way as in the integrated drive NLi motors. It is organized and mapped as in the NiLAB Starter. The position table inside the integrated drive NLi motors can be changed using the SDO 0x8001-0x800A in every Gateway mode: Can or MODBUS RTU.


Every Row contains the same parameter as reported using NiLAB Starter software on Windows.
Motion type: (1→Trapezoidal, 2→Triangular, 3→Polynomial, 4→Sinusoidal, 5→Force).
Target position (in microns), A_TIME (acceleration time), B_TIME (constant velocity time), C_TIME (deceleration time).
WAIT_TIME (waiting time) adn TRIGGER_MODE (1→Digital Input rising edge, 2→ Digital Input falling edge, 3→ Digital Input High level, 4→Digital Input low level, 5→ Can Sync)


In order select the current slave ID to read and write, the SLAVE_ID PDO (0x7001) is used. Every time this value is changed the POS_TABLE data are udapted.
Every SDO write on these registers generated a write sequence to the NLi motor on the current slave id (0x6001).