Input / Output Circuits

Common Input circuit

The internal circuit of common input is a bidirectional optocoupler which supports common anode and common cathode configurations. There are 2 types of outputs from master device: Relay output and Open Collector output as shown below.


Common output circuit

There are 3 common outputs: DO1 and DO2 are single-ended, sharing a common power supply ground terminal; DO3+/DO3- is double-ended, having an isolated 24v power supply.


  • Power supply is provided by user. Please be aware that reversed power supply polarity might cause damage to the driver.
  • When it is an open collector output, max current: 50mA, max supplying voltage: 25V. Please ensure the switching power supply fulfills the conditions.
  • if the load is an inductive load such as a relay, please connect a flyback diode in parallel in reverse. A wrong installation of the flyback diode might cause damage to the driver.

Probe input circuit

The internal circuit of probe input is a unidirectional optocoupler. Please be aware of the polarity of the terminal when connecting the cables.


Digital input signal function configuration


When limit switch or emergency stop is used, POT, NOT and E-STOP signal will be normally close (NC) by default. Please make sure there is no safety concern if these signals need to be set to normally open (NO).