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Firmware update

Firmware update procedure:
1. ensure that the drive is switched on and connected
2. select the label “Device” in the menù bar
3. select the label “Download…”
4. in the new opened window press the button “Select File…”
5. find and select the desired update file, with extension .mot


in case the file is correctly recognized by the program, will appear the
label “Completed” near the label “Load file:”
7. on error, retry from step 4 and ensure to select the correct .mot file
8. press the “Download…” button to start the update operation
9. this pro cedure can lasts for one or two minutes, please wait
10. at the end of the procedure, the drive will be rebooted with on board
the updated firmware
11. on error, retry from step 8

After repeated errors, it's possible to try the firmware update with the
recovery p rocedure:
1. ensure that the drive is physically connected but switched off
2. repeat steps 2 7 like before
3. now, ensure to select the box “Contiguous”
4. press “Download…” button
5. switch on the drive
6. wait and verify the correct firmware update operation
7. in case o f error, contact the support

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