Installation procedure

Interaction with the load

The slider motion is based on polymer plain bearings, the motor slidercan only sustain limited radial loads; it is therefore required to support the payload through a proper linear guide. Moreover, coupling the shaft with the payload by spherical bearings, articulated joints or equivalent parts is recommended in order to only transmit the linear thrust and to compensate any radial misalignment.


Magnetic fields

The slider of the green drive linear motoris fitted with strong permanent magnets, which are not magnetic shielded (Br ≈ 1.2 T). However, the magnetic induction collapses within 50 mm so there is no considerable field outside the machine structure.

Vibrations and shocks

The stator of Green Drive series tubular linear motors can sustain shocks up to 5 G (49 m/s2) and vibrations up to 2,5 G (24,5 m/s2).

Noise emission

The noise emission of synchronous linear drives can be compared with conventional inverter-operated feed drives. Experience has shown that the noise generation mainly depends on

  • the employed linear guides (velocity-related travel noise),
  • the mechanical design (following cover, etc.), and
  • the settings of drive and controller (e.g. switching frequency).

A generally valid specification is therefore not possible.