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IP69K ISO Version

NiLAB’s Green Drive ISO 15552 linear motors with G.H.A. coating are a complete solution for the pharmaceutical and medical industry and for all kind of automatic machines in general.

The series Green Drive ISO with G.H.A. coating is particularly indicated for the replacement of pneumatic actuators. The motors are available in 6 different sizes with two different flange dimensions: from 45x45mm up to 70x70mm. The available windings are both for high voltage (230/480 VAC) and for low voltage (24/48 VDC).


The G.H.A.®-coating* is one of the most recent and innovative technologies applicable to the surface of all aluminium-base alloys. The surface is treated by a special anodic oxidation, with thickness ranging from 10 to 200µ, followed by the sealing of the micro porosities through silver ions (Ag+). The anodic oxidation of aluminium-base alloys is the safest protection treatment because it’s unremovable. The G.H.A.® process (Golden Hard Anodizing) is patented (Patent No. EP1207220).

The advantages of the G.H.A. process are numerous:

  • Highest corrosion resistance
  • High antibacterial capacity and anti-mould (Antibacterial)
  • Antistatic capacity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Heat resistance
  • Resistance to consumption
  • Melting temperature: 2100 °C
  • Hardness: 500-600 HV
  • Suitable for direct contact with food

Therefore, aluminium alloys with the G.H.A.®-coating are considered an excellent alternative to expensive metals such as stainless steel or titanium alloys.