Main technical data


Electrical parameter

Rated VoltageV2436-48
Minimum VoltageV1820
Maximum VoltageV3280
Boost current (5sec)A120@5s120@5s
Peak current(2 minutes)A100@2min100@2min
Rated currentA7070
Rated output powerkW1,83,6
Default pwm frequencykHz1010
Protection degree IP30IP30

Control and peripheral

This device is full digitally controlled. It can be run in different modes,
with or without feedback sensor. It can drive DC Brushless motor, AC
Brushless motor and Asinchronous motors.
• 2 digital inputs
• 2 analog inputs
• 1 CAN bus interface
• 2 RS232 for setup and debugging
• 3 temperature sensors
• 1 motor temperature input
• 1 inclinometer (for safe control of dangerous behavior of vehicle)