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Servo Drive Compatilibity

Green Drtive tubular linear motors are 3-phase standard brushless linear servo motors able to be controlled by standard servo drive on the market. 2.5KV tested Insulation capability unsure the motor can be controlled to 3x480VAC drives, 2x230VAC drives or low voltage servo drive.

All our linear motors are delivered with a cable kit (power and signal), just ready for the connection to the drives which are available on the market today. All our cables are robotic type with lengths on request or with standard length of 5 meters.

Servodrive ModelManufacturerConnector TypeSignal Cable Ordering Code
Lexium 32MSchneider ElectricM15DE20100361
Lexium 32MSchneider ElectricM17DE20100780
Sinamics S120 + SMC20SiemensM15DE20400361
Sinamics S120 + SMC20SiemensM17DE20400780
Unidrive SP/M/DigitaxNidecM15DE20200361
Unidrive SP/M/DigitaxNidecM17DE20200780
Accurax G5OmronM15DE20800361
Accurax G5OmronM17DE20800780
Combivert F5/G5B&RM15DE21100361
Combivert F5/G5B&RM17DE21100780
SLVD/Compax/PSDParker HannifinM15DE20900361
SLVD/Compax/PSDParker HannifinM17DE20900780
Indradrive C/CsBosch RexrothM15DE22700361
Indradrive C/CsBosch RexrothM17DE22700780
Kinetix 5700Rockwell AutomationM15DE21500361
Kinetix 5700Rockwell AutomationM17DE21500780
AX 5000BeckhoffM15DE23200361
AX 5000BeckhoffM17DE23200780
Minas A5LPanasonicM15DE23300361
Minas A5LPanasonicM17DE23300780
XenusCopley ControlsM15DE22900361
XenusCopley ControlsM17DE22900780
Gold ServoElmo Motion ControlM15DE22800361
Gold ServoElmo Motion ControlM17DE22800780