IP protection and Cooling

Cooling concept of Green Drive series actuators

Due to their aluminum structure, the Green Drive series actuators are naturally air cooled by motor surface (IC40). An additional fan cooling system, also available with IP55 protection, or Typhoon compressed air cooling system which can provide up to 90% of performance improvement, can be optionally added if necessary. NiLAB GmbH does not provide any liquid cooling system for the Green Drive series actuators.

Protection class

The design of the Green Drive series tubular linear motors complies with the IP65 degree of protection according to DIN VDE 0470, Part 1, ed. 11/1992 (EN 60 529). The type of protection is defined by the identification symbol IP (International Protection) and two code
numbers specifying the degree of protection. The first code number defines the degree of protection against contact and penetration of foreign particles. The second code number defines the degree of protection against water.

First character Degree of protection
6Complete protection against dust; complete shock protection
Second character Degree of protection
5Protection against a water jet from a nozzle directed against the housing from all directions (jet water)

Note: Tests regarding the second characteristic numeral must be performed using fresh water. If cleaning is effected using high pressure and/or solvents, coolants, or penetrating oils, it might be necessary to select a higher degree of protection.