Electrical characteristics

Integrated drive capabilities

Parameter Unit Value
Rated VoltageV24-48 VDC
Minimum voltageV18 VDC
Maximum voltage admittedV80 VDC
Boost current (5sec)A120 A@5sec
Peak currentA100 A
Rated current (max)A50 A
Rated output power (max)A3.6 kW
PWM FrequencykHz10

Control and peripheral

  • 2 digital inputs (24V logic level)
  • 2 analog input (0 to 10V)
  • 1 canbus interface (DS402)
  • 1 RS232 with MODBUS RTU protocol

Power supply

Phoenix Contact TRIO-PS-2G/3AC/24DC/40. 24 VDC output 40 Amp Power Supply 3-phase 320 -575 Vac input.

Omron S8JX-P Switch Mode DIN Rail Power Supply, 100 → 240V ac ac, dc Input, 12V dc dc Output, 53A Output, 600W