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The Green Drive Standard tubular linear motor is a direct drive actuator with permanent magnets. The linear motion is generated without ballscrews, belts and gear reducers. The Green Drive Standard is composed of two parts: the stainless-steel slider (AISI 304) with holes for payload fi xing and the IP65 motor body that contains the coils and the feedback electronics. The slider is guided by high performance sliding bearings. The feedback electronics contains position sensors, temperature sensors, interpolation electronics and motor parameters such as the electronic data sheet (EDS).
The Green Drive Standard is available in 9 different sizes that can reach up to 1160 N of peak force. All models are available with different strokes and feedback options. The available winding types are for 230/480 VAC or for low voltage 24/48 VDC.

GD 160

Green Drive Standard GD160

GD 250


GD 350


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