Servo drive installation environment

Servo drive dimension

Space requirement for installation

In order to ensure efficient heat dissipation, please leave at least 10mm installation space in between drivers. If drivers need to be mounted compactly, please leave at 1mm of installation space. Please keep in mind that under such conditions, the drivers can only run at 75% of actual load rate.

Installation method

Please install the driver vertical to ground facing forward for better heat dissipation. Always install in rows and use heat insulation board to separate between rows. Cooling fans are recommended for drivers to achieve optimal performance.


PE terminals must be grounded to prevent electrocution hazard or electromagnetic interference.


Please ensure there is no liquid around the wiring and connectors as liquid leakage may cause serious damage to the driver(s).

RJ45 port cover

Please cover unconnected RJ45 port(s) on top of the driver to prevent dust or liquid from damaging the ports.

Battery kit

If there is a need for battery kit, please remember to leave a room in the electrical cabinet for it.