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EPULSE 50 DC Servo drive


NiLAB's EPULSE50 servo drives are low voltage servo drives for battery powered applications.

The servodrive EPULSE50 is able to provide a current up to 100 with a maximum installed power of 3.6kW using a 36 VDC battery.

Thanks to their compact design these two types of servodrives can be integrated also in smallest spaces without performance loss. With these drives you receive the best price-performance-ratio. They are particularly indicated to be used in battery powered vehicles.



Intelligent and flexible control of the motors thanks to their compatibility with different types of encoder feedback: hallsensor, SIN/COS, resolver, variable reluctance resolver (on request), ABZ + Hall
Different control options: analogic, CANopen
Compact sizes for applications with vibrations and shocks
Regenerative hardware / software ready
Power supply from 20 to 75 VDC
EPULSE50 Nominal current of 30 A
PWN frequency 10 kHz
2 programmable digital inputs and outputs
1 CAN interface
1 serial interface for programming and diagnostic
EPULSE50: Accelerometer only
Dimensions: EPULSE50 (130x85x35)
Board version only without cover available


Flexible and efficient software algorithm
Customizable firmware
Control for standard brushless motors and for motors with many polpairs
CANopen fieldbus
Accelerometer, goniometer and tiltmeter compatible

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