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SIN/COS Encoder converter - Interpolator


NL-NQ6D is an advanced interpolator for all kind of encoders with SIN/COS 1Vpp. This device with DIN rail mounting converts the SIN/COS 1Vpp analog signal into Quadrature Digital output AB with TTL 5V level output. Furthermore, it can also convert the SIN/COS 1Vpp analog signal into digital output BiSS-C or SSI. This is necessary when the servo-drive is not able to use directly the SIN/COS signal as feedback.



- 13 bit Interpolation with resolution up to 8192 angle steps per sine period.
- Binary and decimal resolution settings, e.g. 500, 512, 1000, 1024
- programmable angle hysteresis
- Conversion time of just 250 ns including amplifier settling
- Direct sensor connection; selectable input gain
- Input frequency of up to 250 kHz 6. Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude and phase
- A/B quadrature signals of up to 2 MHz with adjustable minimum transition distance
- Zero signal processing, adjustable in index position and width
- Absolute angle output via fast serial interface (BiSS, SSI)
- Permanent bidirectional memory access to parameters and OEM data by BiSS C
- Period counting with up to 24 bits
- Error monitoring of frequency, amplitude and configuration
- Device setup from serial EEPROM or using BiSS
- ESD protection and TTL-/CMOS-compatible outputs
- Ideal for all type of NiLAB Linear motors




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