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Transport and Storage


Heavy weight!
Danger during lifting and transporting procedures!

Improper handling, unsuitable or defective devices, tools etc. can cause injuries and/ or
property damage. Lifting devices, ground conveyors and lifting tackle must respond to all
relevant regulations.
warning_pace_symbol.jpgMagnetic hazard!
- In storage areas, the secondary parts must be marked with a warning label (“CAUTION!
- Secondary parts must not be stored without a protective cover - it is always necessary to use
special non-magnetic packaging from the manufacturer with prescribed electromagnetic
- When transporting machines or machine parts with integrated primary and secondary parts,
it must be ensured that these parts do not move freely relative to each other.



In case of intermediate storage, observe the following storage conditions:
• Recommended ambient temperature: +15 to +25°C (+60 to +78°F),
• Permissible temperature: 0 to +70°C (+32 to +158°F), temperature fluctuation: < 10°C (18°F) per day.
• Relative humidity: < 65 % non-condensing is recommended, 90 % is permissible.
• Ensure there are minimal vibration and shock where servo motors are stored.

Damage due to dirt, moisture
Storage outside or under the wrong climatic conditions can cause corrosion and other damage to the servo motor. Condensation due to temperature fluctuations can result in electronic malfunctions
caution_symbol.jpgAir transportation
Please note that air transportation of secondary parts must be in accordance with appropriate IATA Packing Instructions.
Corresponding certificate to ensure such a transportation will be issued by manufacturer upon customers request.
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