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NiLAB's Starter Lite

NiLAB's Starter Lite is a simplified interface of NiLAB's Starter for NLi integrated drive tubular linear motors. This inteface is limited on 3 positions on the motion table but offers simplified tuning and motion modes:

  1. COM PORT for connection
  2. Button to connect or disconnect from the motor
  3. Address to be specified to reach the corresponding motor ID
  4. Progress bar indicating when donwload is in progress
  5. Meter that measure motor load, drive and coil temperature
  6. Current Motor ID address (to change if you want the motor in a different MODBUS address)
  7. Options regarding communication and type of cotrol and homing direction
  8. Button to search the motor on the modbus (please select first the COM on the parameter 1)
  9. List contains the motor detected using the button n.8
  10. Button to control the motor, to reset the faults and to see the current motor status (please see under the parameter 3 there is the status of all digital inputs and outputs)
  11. Button to start and to stop the motion
  12. Motion configuration area:
    1. Drive mode: to change the response of the motor movements
    2. Trigger mode: to change the trigger from Auto to trigger from I/O (please select to ON the I/O control in 7)
    3. Motion mode: to change the motion profile used in the movements
  13. Button to store to the internal EEPROM memory of the motor the current configuration


You can download the NiLAB Starter Lite version here:

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