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Standard configuration and paramterization for NiLAB Starter

Default NiLAB Starter Project File

Reset the configuration to default:

Step 1) In the communication window decheck “Get periodically status update” and check “Avoid download configuration from drive”


STEP 2) Load configuration file, please use the right one in the zip file here: Default Config file for NL080QX and NL120QX


STEP 3) Connect to the motor using the right COM port - click on CONNECT TO MOTOR, then click on Download configuration to Motor to download the new configuration


Default configuration for Homing

For the commisioning of the integrated linear motor please use these starting values in the table below.
Please verify if the homing procedure is performed correctly with the application load. If not, please increase the current to ensure to reach the mechanical stop. If the current threshold is too low the zero point could be detected not on the mechanical stop.

Parameter Modbus address Value Unit
Homing current threshold60500 (NL080). 1000 (NL120)mA
Homing speed6130mm/sec

Default configuration for Controller window

For the commisioning of the integrated linear motor please use these starting values:

In general to increase the rigidity of the response increase Kp - Gain in the Speed Loop and consequently increase the Ki - Gain in the speed loop (Parmaters 70 and 71). If there is overshoot in the position try to reduce the Kp - Gain in the position loop and increase the Kp - Gain in the current loop (Parameters 100 and 50).

Parameter Modbus address Description Value Unit
Kp - Gain100Position loop gain80
Ki - Gain101Position loop integral0
Max speed78Max speed4m/sec
Kp - Gain70Speed loop gain2500
Ki - Gain71Speed loop integral50
LP Filter79Speed filter1msec
Kp - Gain50Currect loop gain3000
Ki - Gain51Current loop integral10
LP Filter80Current filter1msec


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